Project finance

Cadini Group has a long lasting relationship with financial institutions, development banks and export credit agencies that enables us to offer credit insurance and financial products to fulfill the successful implementation of development projects and the short term return of investment.

Cadini Group’s considerable experience in designing, realizing and evaluating development in high-risk environments enables our team to evaluate how economic planning influences success for a project and the community it serves.

Cadini Group provides feasibility studies to better understand the economic potential or impact of projects as well as the relevant policy, and to frame their strategies in response to both.

We work with the private sector, governments and their agencies, and voluntary and community organizations to advise on strategic financial solutions trough credit insurance and financial products.

Cadini Group’s deep understanding of the linkages between the economy, funding sources and development viability and it’s experience and collaboration with Italian and international Universities, finical institutions and research centers enables to deliver the best financial solution for the funding of the development projects.

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