Bearings & Joints

Cadini Group is the exclusive distributor of ALGA (FPC ITALIA) products for Iraq and Sudan. In the last 15 Years Cadini Group has supplied more than 10.000 meters of expansion Joints to Governmental Institutions and private clients and provides direct assistance on site, installation and technical consultancy.

Our Products are Certified, Registered and Approved by the Iraqi Roads & Bridges Directorate.

Cadini Group supplies a large number of innovative products and has achieved excellence in all main branches of structural devices and post-tensioning technology systems.
On top Cadini Group performs direct assistance on site, structural and seismic retrofitting, consolidations, application of carbon fibers, lifting of bridges and structures, replacement of bearings, expansion joints and anti-seismic devices, restoration of concrete slabs and concrete.

The company also supplies sophisticated monitoring systems to detect loads and movements on bridges and structures.
We provide laboratory tests, in cooperation with the University Politecnico di Milano, to perform static and dynamic tests on structural devices and on post-tensioning systems.

Elastomeric bearings for Dubai metro

Below the full range of products provided:

Bridge Bearings
Pot bearings
Laminated elastomeric bearings
Laminated elastomeric bearings with PTFE
Spherical bearings
Shear keys
Special bearings
Expansion joints
Rubber expansion joints
Railway expansion joints
Fressimod LW – Modular expansion joints
Rubber profile joints
Steel expansion joints
Seismic devices – ISOSISM
High damping rubber bearings
Lead rubber bearings
Hysteretic isolators with pot bearings
Hysteretic isolators with spherical bearings
Sliding pendulum isolators
Hysteretic dampers
Viscous dampers
Shock transmitter units

Post-tensioning system
Post-tensioning and special equipment
Monitoring systems
Technologies for Art