Rubber expansion joints

The expansion joint of the range Algaflex TX is a waterproof expansion joint and allows the deck service movements between 50 mm and 330 mm. During seismic event the joint can reach up to 1000 mm. This joint is manufactured with rubber elements with different dimensions according to the requirement. The joint elements are connected by a tongue and a groove connection and are connected to the structure by proper anchor bolts.

The reinforcing metal profile made of steel is completely inserted and vulcanised to the rubber so that it is protected against corrosion. The rubber compound, has been formulated to resist oil, grease, petrol, salt and sand, without, suffering premature aging phenomena due to sun rays, salt and snow. Though the relevant allowed movements are the longitudinal ones, the Algaflex TX joints are also able to compensate for height differences or vertical and transversal movements.

This characteristic is very important in all the cases where load and movement conditions can cause relative movements. In order to satisfy inquiries for cheaper, but, in any case, reliable joints, we have developed the type AW100, a joint allowing movements up to 100 mm.

Main advantages of TX and AW joints: Simple and linear design with few elements Total watertight Easily assembled on every kind of structure Long durability and maintenance free.