Fixed and movable shear Key

The shear keys are devices that transmit only the horizontal loads and not the vertical ones. They are called pins if they transmit the horizontal forces in all directions and guides if they transmit the forces in one direction allowing free movement in the other.

Shear keys are used in all types of structures, bridges or buildings typically when it is need to transfer high forces and loads in a limited space.

ALGA (FPC ITALIA) designs, manufactures and supplies shear keys type fixed FSK and mobile MSK. FPC Italia has designed in its history different types of keys cut according to different needs. It is possible to design shear keys for almost any type of combination of loads and movements.

ALGA (FPC ITALIA) supplies the FSK and MSK devices with all necessary anchors for the fixing to the structure. Like all devices, shear keys have surface treatment of steel parts that make them resistant to corrosion.