Expansion Joints

We design, manufacture and install many types of expansion joints for small, medium and large movements for road and railways structures.

We are the only company in the world which supplied expansion joints for airport runways, and precisely:

On the runway of the Funchal airport in Madera, Portugal where Rubber Mat Algaflex expansion joints up to 330 mm movement and Roller Shutter Joints of 550 mm movement in all direction are installed

On the runway D of Tokyo Haneda airport in Japan. Tokyo Haneda airport is the fourth in the world for traffic volume. The expansion joint bears the load of the last generation aircrafts (Airbus A380 and Boeing B747) allowing a displacement of 1200 mm in any horizontal direction.

ALGA (FPC ITALIA) manufactures the following types of joints:

  • Elastomeric Road Joint up to 1000 mm seismic movement
  • Railway joints up to 200 mm movement
  • Modular Joints up to 2000 mm movement and more
  • Roller Shutter Joints up to 2000 mm movement and more