Monitoring & Evaluation

Planning, monitoring and evaluation require a focus on nationally owned development priorities and results, and should reflect the guiding principles of national ownership, capacity development and human development.

For many agencies working in volatile contexts, Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) has become an integral part of the monitoring and evaluation toolbox, as it ensures a minimum of accountability where access using one’s own staff is constrained.

Cadini Group delivers high quality M&E services to NGO’s and Intergovernmental and governmental Organizations in in high-risk environments. Cadini Group adopts a clear approach with a:
Strong focus on clear and defined planning, program and project definition.
High levels of engagement of users, clients and stakeholders in programs and projects.
Good communication for strong stakeholder buy-in and mobilization.
And programs and projects with strong monitoring and evaluation components

Cadini Group have collaborated with UN, KBR and the Government Ministries to deliver precise and up to date M&E services to enhance the positive results of the implemented projects and to maximize the invested resources in the territory.

Karbala, Iraq