To the eyes of a profane observer, bridges and large civil engineering structures seem like static works, withstanding gravity and environmental effects thanks to their fixity and stiffness. Nothing could be wrong more than that: as the structural engineer well knows all structures are deforming, deflecting or twisting under the effect of the superimposed loads, furthermore they vary their length due to temperature variations, creep and shrinkage of the concrete.

Structural bearings, indeed, are the devices allowing the correct transfer of the loads considering all the related movements – displacements and rotations – among the elements of the structure. In accordance with the definition given by the European Standard EN 1337 “Bearings are elements allowing rotation between two members of a structure and transmitting the loads defined in the relevant requirements as well as preventing displacements (fixed bearings), allowing displacements in only one direction (guided bearings) or in all directions of a plane (free bearings) as required”.

ALGA (FPC ITALIA) has always been at the forefront in the field of structural bearings.

The development of innovative bearings has been possible thanks to the great investments in research and the strict contact with the main European research centers like Politecnico di Milano.

All structural bearings are subject to strict quality assurance system according to ISO 9001, so that the user can benefit the declared performance of the products and durability, which is not less than 60 years.